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No Click Evade

You know how dodging abilities is hard. That’s why HexLoL is the most useful hack for League of Legends.
It will automatically assist you to evade the spells without any click required from you.

Predict Movement

This function will be predicting the trajectory of enemy characters, it will be easier for you to follow their movements.
Any good league of legends script requires a prediction feature to perform correctly, always be aware of that.

Premium OrbWalker

This LoL script helps with last hits and attack while moving. Acceptance of high-skill players without training ! Lots of tweaks possible.

Target Tracker

Ability to configure in detail the league script priority of selecting targets, in which your attacks and skills will be directed.

Combos & Tricks

Our LoL scripts use skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you.
The League of Legends cheat prescribes the logic of the game of all champions with all useful tricks and tips. Really easy to set up.

High Quality Display

Our visual LoL script functions offer a range of helpful features including on-screen drawings of noticed wards, enemy cooldown tracking, attack radius information for various units, and opponent movement tracking on the minimap. With these and many other small but impactful details, you'll be able to stay ahead and climb the ranks with ease.

Delays Menu

Fine-tuning the delays between League of Legends hack actions allows you to make your actions look more human. Riot will ban your account if you don’t have that.


The LoL Script automatically performs certain actions for you. It activates all summoner spells like Auto Smite, Auto QSS, Auto Heal, Auto Ignite, Auto Wards and many more.


This tab contains additional settings for customization (choice of colors, transparency of menu items), language selection.

Config System

Save your scripting settings in the config to not struggle with it every time. You can also share your config with other players.

Reliable Undetected LoL Script

We have tried our security and protection against bans, so if you play carefully, the chance of a ban is minimal, especially at low ranks. Our League of Legends script is made to rank fast and get better at the game.

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A LoL script is a League of Legends script used to automate in-game actions with a third-party software. These League of Legends scripts can be used to execute precise combos with champions and enhance map awareness, giving players an unfair advantage over their opponents.

In addition, LoL scripts can be used to dodge all champion abilities using scripting languages that interact with both the game client and server.

Why Do People Use League of Legends Cheats?

Many players turn to League of Legends cheats because they are frustrated with AFK players and trolls, they want to improve their gameplay and win their ranked games. Improving gameplay is essential to rank up on League of Legends.

One way to achieve this is by using the right League scripts. However, it's important to note that using cheats is against Riot Games terms of service and can lead to severe penalties, including permanent bans.

Therefore, it's recommended that players choose their script very wisely.
We advice you to use safe and paid script LoL versions.

Setting up a program to cheat in League of Legends can take as little as a few minutes. Follow the instructions provided and you will understand how to download and configure your League of Legends hack.

After the download, you will see that Lol cheats can help you boosting your in-game mechanics and macro gameplay. It will make you more comfortable when playing and give you more focus on other things than auto attacks and combos. It also shows many useful elements on your map.

HexLoL Script is the best LoL scripting provider you can trust for a safe experience. Visit for more details.