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The ultimate LoL script on the market. #1 All in One League of Legends scripts free of risks, undetected bypass. Our evade script allows you to dodge all spells and boost your elo with a safe lol scripting experience.

The best league scripts ever made : you get 6 awesome lol scripts features to rank up.

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Features you’ll get

Helps you dodge all spells of opponents directed at you. No clicks required !
Predicting the trajectory of enemy characters, it is easier to hit them with skills. Really easy to follow their movements.
Helps with last hits and attacks while moving. Acceptance of high-skill players without training! Lots of tweaks are possible.
Target Selector
Ability to configure in detail the priority of selecting targets for the script, in which your attacks and skills will be directed.
Uses skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you. The program prescribes the logic of the game of all champions, so it is quite easy to set up. AutoHeal, AutoSmite etc.
Drawing 4K
Visual functions, drawing on the screen of noticed wards, attack radius of various units, movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things.

Safer, faster, at the best quality

Basic LoL Scripts
Detected by Riot Games (ban after 3 weeks)
Only 1 feature (OrbWalker)
Works on few champions
Payment only with crypto
Slow FPS when using
Limited resolutions (1280x720 60fps only)
HexLoL Script
Undetected (only players can report you)
6 features included (Evade, OrbWalker...)
Works perfectly with ALL champions
Payment with Paypal, Credit Card...
0 performance loss with all drawings in 4K
All resolutions-friendly (144hz, 240hz, ...)


How to script League of Legends ?
You have to use the best lol evade script that offers 6 awesome features to help the players who are tired of losing all ranked games because of AFK and trolls.

With this LoL hack tool, you will be able to predict all spells, dodge them, use the best combos but also AutoSmite, AutoHeal, AutoIgnite and many more..

Using our League of Legends cheat is safe because that it has been updated for over the past 2 years to make sure all the users get the best lol script free of risks.
Why is this league hack the best ?
Other League scripts won't allow you to evade. Our lol scripting tool does it better than anyone else !

You can dodge all spells and benefit of the best features.

HexLoL scripting also improves all your mechanics by providing you the best features.

It's easy to setup, we provide all the instructions for it. You can also ask for help on our Discord.
Are script league of legends detected ?
Our script LoL uses the best reliable anti-cheat bypass. No detection at all. Only players can report you. Visit leagueofbans.com for more information !
Can I see LoL script gameplays ?
Yes ! You can watch league of legends scripts gameplay easily from our social media. We upload many videos of our LoL Script on Youtube & Tiktok.

Check out our Discord for gameplays to see it in action.

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Stop wasting your time with free lol scripts. HexLol is a safe way to take your LoL hack experience to the next level.